Leading the Bison Charge!

Monday, June 11, 2012


It's often been said that a great thing about America is that anyone can become president.  It's also been said that an unfortunate thing about America is that anyone can become president.  Easy internet access, countless free blog sites, and freedom of speech likewise make it possible for anyone to have a blog...for better or worse.  Enter me.  I felt it was just time to share my ASL/Deaf Culture journey with my friends and other signers. 

 I guess I should  tell you about the very beginning of my  journey for those who don't know.  One day a man and a woman who loved each other very much...actually let's fast forward a few decades.  It was the summer of 2009 when I met recent Gallaudet grad, Kari Olney through a small group.  I learned that she had played basketball in college.  (Gotta say, there is nothing like the bond between two athletes that share a love for the same sport.)  I suggested through an interpreter that we play some day.  She agreed.  Now if you've been around me for at least 2.4 seconds, you know I LOVE trash talk.  I like to give AND receive it.  Blame it on playin streetball growin up and being the fifth of seven siblings.  As time passed, I realized I couldn't talk trash to this chick.  That's an ESSENTIAL part of the sport!!  So when she offered an ASL class at our church starting in September of that year, I took it.  Yes, I actually started learning ASL so I could learn to trash talk my teacher when we eventually played ball.  (Good thing she didn't ask us why we wanted to learn ASL.  She knows now.)  I didn't know how quickly I would learn ASL (slowly).  I didn't even think I would enjoy it (fell in love with it).  We have played ball a few times, the first being about a month or so into the class.  We LOVE to compete against each other.  I still don't know much true ASL trash talk.  I'm sure I'll get there one day, but no rush.  I'm enjoying the ride.

I hope you enjoy this blog and look forward to your feedback.  Share it with your signer friends regardless of their ASL levels.  Whether we are Deaf or hearing, a new signer or born into a signing family, we share one language...or at least we're workin on it.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

The first time we played.  I WAS the teacher!!!

Thanks to Heather Suhr and Yuri Wijting for suggesting the title for this blog.


  1. Looking forward to read more! =)

  2. Guess I'm next on the trash talking? Gotta play ball with you one of these days soon! Looking forward to reading more of your blogs :)

  3. Lookin forward to dunkin on you!!! Your trash talk will be mentioned in an upcoming post.

  4. trash talk is your middle name !!!! - Toya