Leading the Bison Charge!

Monday, April 29, 2013


"Nita, you gotta go to Gally", said my brother Daryl on Easter Sunday, April 8th, 2012, almost exactly echoing the words Elissa Macias, an interpreter at my church said just 5 or 6 days before.  They weren't telling me anything I didn't already know.  The conversations were almost identical.  "I can't", I replied.  "Why not?", they both asked.  I then told them that the Hearing UnderGrad program at Gallaudet required a certain ASL proficiency and I didn't know what level was required, but I didn't have it.  Both simply responded, "Oh".  That was the end of that particular line of conversation for Elissa, but Daryl wasn't quite finished.  Now, my brother has been diagnosed with ADHD in the expert lay opinions of me, himself, and probably many others.  (Sorry, Big D, it's just part of the story.)  But I KNOW he understood when I explained the issue of  my ASL level!!!  It seemed that line of conversation was over with him as it was when I spoke with Elissa.  But after a pause, he said, "Nita, you gotta go to Gally".  It was almost like he missed my excuse, although I KNOW he didn't.  THAT was the beginning!  I already knew I had to do it, I just needed a swift kick to the rear to get the ball rolling!!!

For me, this is NOT about going to college, but about going to Gallaudet University!  I don't think I would be considering going back to finish my Bachelor's at any other school!!!  I get to be more deeply immersed in the Deaf Community than I am even now as an employee!  The question for me was never would I get in, but rather would I start in 2013 or 2014?  Let's get to it without further ado!

YES! YES!! YES!!! I am sitting in the campus library in my favorite seat.  I like to write my posts in my notebook before publishing them to my blog.  I actually wrote the previous part of this post before checking my email a few minutes ago on the guest computer.  I was so overwhelmed, I had to go for a short walk outside before coming back to finish writing.  Round 1 is done, now onto the ASL-PI (American Sign Language-Proficiency Interview)!!!

Friday, April 19, 2013


Bet anything that title caught your  attention!!!  Now let me explain before you start spreading dirty, untrue rumors about my family or go into fasting and intercessory prayer for my brother's soul! 

This particular incident happened after I had been learning ASL for about 1 1/2 months.  It was a beautiful day on November 8, 2009 (yes November in Washington DC), so we had class outside.  There were only about 5 of us in this particular session.  We were sitting in front of Ebenezers Coffeehouse just sharing stories.  I don't remember exactly which story I was telling, but I DO remember it involved my brother.  I remember that much because instead of using the sign for "brother", I got lazy.  The sign I used was actually "alcohol".  Now, this was NOT a Freudian slip.  My brother is NOT an alcoholic.  (He better not be, he's an ordained minister!!!)  My church just happened to be in the "Ritual" series and Pastor Joel had just preached on confession that weekend.  Kari said I need to confess alcohol.  (Regardless of my behavior, I PROMISE you that I don't drink as of the writing of this post...even if my good "friend" Zims is doing her best to change that!!!) 

Remember, unless you  know what you're doing, NEVER try to shortcut ASL!!  This is a lesson I'm sure I will have to learn again and again!  At the end of the day, we all make mistakes.  So let's all be open to learning and help those who are coming behind us and most importantly KEEP A SENSE OF HUMOR!!!

*This post is dedicated to my brother, Daryl, who ALWAYS has my back!!!  He encouraged me to apply to Gallaudet University and listens to (and understands) my ADHD like no one else!  Love you BIG D!!!