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Monday, November 26, 2012


I'm generally not a fan of change.  My motto is "If I don't think it's broke, don't fix it."  Even I, however, welcome change in certain situations!  I am at the end of a weekend in which both Saturday and Sunday were marked by a "Hello" and a "Goodbye".  Each was bittersweet.  Saturday was more bitter... though that particular change will undoubtedly have some sweet results.  The "Goodbye" was completely unexpected.  Sunday's change was more on the sweet side, but a bit bitter also.

Saturday, I went to pick up Zims.  We went to her aunt and uncle's house and she retrieved a loan check she had mailed to the address.  She got a bit of a surprise that I may have to mention later.  We then picked up Asia and headed to Chantilly, Va where Zims finalized the purchase of a Honda CRV.  A new beginning that was only necessary because her white Ford Taurus wagon came to it's unfortunate end in an accident.  The wagon is irreplaceable!!!  I know the CRV will earn it's own set of memories.  It's just hard to say "Goodbye" to the wagon!!!  More about the wagon in an upcoming blog post.

Many of my signer friends know I've been volunteering with the Gallaudet University athletic training staff since August.  I jokingly refer to myself as the "watergirl" because much of what I do revolves around keeping our athletes hydrated.  It's not about my specific role, but that I get to be in a Deaf environment and around athletes.  I LOVE IT!!! I don't HAVE TO do it, I GET TO do it!!!  Today, I was offered and accepted the opportunity to continue with pay!!!  It's part time and the pay is low, but SO WHAT!!!  I don't want to sound unappreciative, but it is a bit bitter.  Why, you ask?!?  
Because there is something so freeing about doing something because you love it and for no other reason!!!  Don't get me wrong, I DO look forward to being an official Gallaudet employee!  I plan to apply for the Hearing Undergrad program in fall 2013, anyway.  (Most people go to school at a university, THEN work there.  You KNOW I gotta be backwards!!!)  I DO wanna work there.  It's AWESOME to be offered pay for something you happily did for free.  It IS sweet, however it's a bit bitter also.

WHAT A WEEKEND!!!  TALKIN ABOUT MIXED EMOTIONS! Yes, I have realized for quite some time that change is inevitable...and even good sometimes.  Personally a car accident led me to go on a missions trip which led me to join a small group which led me to meet Kari Olney who became my good friend and ASL teacher.  It changed the direction of my life and I will take what I have now over my car in a heartbeat...though I LOVED that car!!!  I DON'T want this to be a downer!  My point however (I do try to occasionally have a point) is that it would be insincere to pretend that even a sweet change can't be a bit bitter.

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