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Sunday, July 29, 2012


So, I admit it, I HAVE A BIG MOUTH!!!  No doubt it has gotten me into trouble.  Ever promise something and then wonder how it slipped out?!  Let me break it down.

It was the 2nd Saturday in November and the deaf people who likely would have come to Ebz for church were all on the Alpha retreat.  Elissa Macias had interpreter duty.  But there were no deaf people there!  She had to interpret anyway cuz the interpreter is on the sermon video.  She told me I could sign the songs if I wanted.  I refused but said I would sign ONE song in the month of December.  Not sure how those words escaped my lips.  My theories are that either she has some mind control powers or that she spiked my drink.  I'm open to suggestions of other possibilities.

It's New Years Eve just past midnight, the last possible day to fulfill my commitment.  The service starts in just under 17 hours.  I am planning to do a duet with Kari to the Newsboys sont "I am Free".  I couldn't have picked an easier song.  I must thank Kurtis for his song selection!  I asked Kari to join me in a duet because it has a call and response thing goin.  It's NOT because I am too nervous to do it alone.  At least that's what I tell myself...  I will lead and she will follow.  It's also fitting that I do this with my teacher and my Deaf Mom.  She will join me as I take this next step.  Everyone has been supportive: Kari, Heather (yes Crazy Golfer Chick from my "Those Kind of People" post), Esther, Julie, Elissa, Karen, Laura etc...I have given Kari the opportunity to release me from this obligation but she refused.  I'm actually not nervous, but a bit excited and looking forward to the challenge...for now.  I know my "friends" will continue to challenge me and I am GRATEFUL for that.  (Don't tell em I said that.)  Let ya know how it goes.  If I'd only kept my big mouth shut...By the way, Elissa showed true class and professionalism as she interpreted with excellence.  Or maybe that was just her mind control power that made me think that...

PS Interestingly enough, we had no deaf people in service today and I did NOT commit to signing any songs.  Maybe, I AM actually learning to keep my big mouth shut.  DOUBT IT!!!

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