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Wednesday, August 29, 2012


So, I did it!  I took the plunge.  No, I didn't get married.  Don't worry, there's not some guy who is condemned to suffer through my quirks and ADHD for the rest of his life...yet.  I mean I signed the song during church. 

I did a duet with Kari.  One of my friends was going to record it on her phone, but arrived just as we finished the song.  Kari and I arrived early so we could practice.  I realized that I wasn't prepared.  I knew the signs, but I didn't know the words well enough.  Who'da thunk my English would be more of a problem than my ASL?!  I'd met with Kari Tuesday when I picked the song I would perform and we practiced a bit.  The words were easy so I figured rehearsing right before service would be enough.  I think I planned to be able to look at the screen for the lyrics.  Now that I think about it, that was the WRONG attitude to have, anyway!  I should've done my best to prepare.  I think I did ok.

 A couple people congratulated me afterward.  I think Vondell had the most honest comment.  He said, "You looked like 'What am I doing up here?'"  So, I fulfilled my promise.  Even though I did it on the last day of 2011, it was a beginning, not an end.  See, the "sort of" in the title means this is just one step.  I know I will be challenged to do more.  One comment led me to start learning ASL when I asked Kari if she wanted to play basketball someday(see "Beginnings" post)  and opened my eyes to a different world.  One comment led me to take it to the next level (see MY BIG MOUTH post) and who knows what's next?!

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